Dell Laptop Latitude 120L

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Dell Laptop Latitude 120L

Postby Aubri Wolf » Wed Jan 31, 2007 9:16 pm

OK I am looking to sell my laptop, Was part of my Tuition when I started collage, and frankly I want something with a dedicated video card. It's a decent system, peppy and quick for most things. Just not for gaming.
The link below is the only place I could find that had the specs for it, apparently this particular model is hard to find. it still has like 2 years of warranty left on it.
The only prices I could find on this model were to the link below @ $832.50 + tax and shipping, So I will only ask $600 for it.. I paid like $1700 for it from dell when I got it sadly enough.

So $600, and start the bidding.. no.. Just drop me a line We will see what happens.

Notebook Specs
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