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Postby Zeo » Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:36 am

Remember Armin Meiwes? The "Rotenburg Cannibal" or "Der Metzgermeister"?
You know.
The German Cannibal guy who met a willing victim on the internet to slaughter and eat… Well, if you don't, I'll just say there is some pretty grisly detail to the story, and of course someone had to make a movie based on it. While labeled as "inspired by true events" Meiwes's lawyers argued the plot is nearly identical to the real-life events, infringing on the client's rights to a fair trial, and wanted to block the release. Well, looks like we'll see it here stateside in March, limited anyway.
It's directed by newbie German film director Martin Weisz, who has a long resume shooting music videos. He is also doing 'The Hills Have Eyes 2" (original sequel to the remake rather than a remake of the original sequel... yeah).

According to an older article on The Boston Globe website:

The cannibal plot of the movie, seen in a preview on Tuesday, is almost identical to real-life events. It also shows a younger Hartwin as a loner forced by a domineering mother to wear Lederhosen at school. Like Meiwes, he dreams up an imaginary friend...

The story centers around a fictional American criminal psychology student... who is drawn in by the bizarre case of a Meiwes-like character called Oliver Hartwin...

Meiwes's lawyers argue he is only guilty of illegal euthanasia, but prosecutors say the fact that Meiwes filmed the slaying for sexual gratification should tip the scale toward murder.

Meiwes severed his victim's penis and they both tried to eat it, initially raw then fried. The bizarre scene is also part of the movie, Hartwin serving up the dish for a candlelit knife-and-fork meal for himself and a weakening Grombek.

When the victim fell unconscious, Meiwes took him to his "slaughter room," slit his throat, pulled out his organs and chopped off his head. In the film too, Hartwin hacks into the corpse, with a severed head in the foreground.

While so many horror movies these days use the tag “inspired by true eventsâ€
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