2000 Mits Eclipse GT for sale...X post from Exchange forum

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2000 Mits Eclipse GT for sale...X post from Exchange forum

Postby snarfcat » Wed Sep 15, 2004 12:32 pm

I also posted this in exchange..

I'm trying to sell my car.

I've lowered the price, a lot, from what I was trying to sell it for before.
In fact, if you or anyone you know makes me any symblance of a reasonable offer, I'll sell it to you/them.

I want to sell it for around $8,000, and it is worth probably around 8,500-9K ... similar car with 93K miles was selling for 9,995 from a dealer, who obviously can get higher prices then from a private party seller.

If you want to offer less, please do so. I will sell it to the highest bidder, (if there is one) assuming it is equal or greater then what I could get for it selling it to a car place.

It has the following:

-95,000 miles on it, almost all highway miles. I live in Lake city, thus I drive a crap load on I-75
-silver exterior, black cloth interior
-5-speed manual transmission
-V6 - 24 Valve 200 HP engine
-tinted windows
-sunroof (perfect working order)
-CD player and Tape player (perfect working order. Nice Infinity sound system)
-new clutch roughly 10K miles ago, should be good for another 70 or 80 K
-new timing/drive belts roughly 30K miles ago, a little less. Should be good for another 30 K or so for the timing belt.
-well working A/C. I had an issue with this, but it turned out to be caused by the place that put the new clutch in leaving the battery unplugged for 3 days straight, which reset the computer in the car, which in turn made the A/C forget how to work (it would work, but the idle would go up and down). after extensive looking around for issues on car, replacing little things, etc, I found this to be fairly common with leaving the battery unplugged so long, and it eventually resolved the issue on its own. The car just had to learn what the A/C was again. bizarre, but works totally fine now.
-heater works, no probs ever
-no engine probs ever
-no transmission probs ever, other then having to replace the clutch, which is something you have to do in manual transmissions.
-oil has been changed every 3,000-4,000 miles for the life of the car. I use Castrol GTX oil, and started using the high milage oil in the Castrol GTX line I think around 60,000 miles.
-air filter has been changed regularly
-fuel filter is built into the gas tank and does not need to be changed, according to the Mits repair guys I've talked with.
-there is a scratch on the rear spoiler (approx 5" long) from a key (bastards)
-there is a small hole in the front bumper from someone hitting my car , probably with a shopping card, in a parking lot. (bastards)
-there are some scratches on the right side of the front bumper mostly underneat the car, where I hit a concrete block or something that looked like concrete on the interstate one night about 3 years ago.
-tires are about 20K old, should be good for a while. They are 17" Goodyear Eagle low profile tires. I can't remember the exact specs on them, but they are V rated.

So that's the skinny on the car.
The only issues I have ever had with the car are as follows:

-hitting that concrete block skimmed out part of my right front tire and wheel. I replaced both.
-the PCV Valve needed replacement. This caused the idle to be erradic and for the car to stall. During the course of trying to troubleshoot the issue I replaced the battery, which was factory. It didn't fix the problem but the car does now have a relatively new battery (I think it was about 5K miles ago, or so, that I got the new battery, which means the PCV Valve is also that new) .. After replacing the valve , the battery, and letting the car reaclimate itself to the A/C it has had no idle issues.
-the heat sensor on the car in the dash would periodically race up to really hot and then fall. The car was not actually overheating, which was obvious, as the temperature would literally take 2 seconds to get to H and then sit there for like a minute, then take 2 seconds to go back to it's normal mid-way range. (cars take longer to heat up and cool down then this, obviously).. This was fixed by putting the radiator cap on more tightly. Yes, that was easy, but it frustrated the crap out of me trying to figure out what was going on. Silly radiator cap. ... no other issues on that sense. But if this happens to you, check the radiator cap!!
-the clutch went out, as they do, and I replaced it, no probs.
-the timing belt never went out, but it's routine maintenance to replace it every 60,000 miles or so, I replaced it at the 63K mark I believe, and had no issues before or since.

I can't think of any other issue I've ever had with it. I've never been in a wreck in it, other then that stupid concrete block on the interstate, which wasn't a wreck, it just bounced off my bumper/wheel, and I do not let anyone other then myself drive it, as a rule.

Oh yes, and I recently (as in, approx 3K miles ago) had the rotors turned (had never been done) and new brake pads put on. They inspected the calipers, etc and saw no issues at all with those.

so, if anyone is interested it, write here, pm me, email me at snarfcat@bellsouth.net or call my cell at 865-789-0496. Please don't call if you aren't actually interested, or if it's too many miles for you. Please DO call/write if you have any questions at all, I'll be happy to answer them.

and if you know anyone who wants a fun car, that's been good to its owner and maybe they don't drive quite as much as me, then pass on the word.
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