Newbie here :)

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Newbie here :)

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Hello everyone,
My name is Rhiannon and I have recently moved from Rhode Island to Tennessee to persue my tattooing career at Integrity Tattoo in Maryville, with the Loveley and talented Miss Autumne. I'm looking foward to talking and meeting with fellow goths in this area.

Thank you for reading!
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:boing: welcome to the nuthouse!!!
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Velkommen, do try and make it out for Temple's What Is Fetish, it will be a blast
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Autumne is cool, and she does good work. Welcome.
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Hi Rhiannon,

DEFINATIVELY CUM 2 WIF 2.5 @ Temple this month. (Aug 25-26) It will be a Kick-Azz Time ... Especially if you are interested in learning more about the Alternative Community in Knox Vegas.

Make sure you meet Tattoo Jay (The Promoter), Wulf (Local Shibari Rope Guru), Toby & The Purgatory Road Crew (Inverted Suspension Artist's), Mizz Kitty & Her WLB (Burlesque performers) Terry (bar owner) & of course, j.c. (Claims to be the local drunk - B.S.)

Plus there will be TONS more kewl people there to meet ie. The FreekySeekers, Gothic Spleen, bunny, ScareCrow, Pharinet, Shadow, Paladin, Cute Little Psycho, Voodoo Mistress, Mother Mo, & ALL the other assorted Freaks of Temple. (HINT ... HINT just ask @ the door for little seeker)

Alright, that should be enough info to get you started in the right direction to enjoy Temple. W/we will NOT be performing @ What is Fetish 2.5 since that is 3,500+ miles from where Me & My "a" are currently located. (Northern California) Hopefully, W/we will fly to Knox Vegas in late October BEFORE moving to San Francisco for awhile.

Please feel free to contact ANY of the above names mentioned for assistance in your new journey to Knox Vegas.



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there are "goths" in knoxville?

welcome, and plz enjoy your stay.
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