Hinder and Buckcherry

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Hinder and Buckcherry

Post by Strider »

Along with Papa Roach on Sept 14th Friday.Floor and lower balcony seem to be gone.Upper is going fast to.I don't think I have seen Knoxville Civic Coliseum actually sell out before.Hope it does this time.
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Re: Hinder and Buckcherry

Post by DarkVader »

Those are some pretty impressive bands.

Impressively bad, that is. :puke:
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Re: Hinder and Buckcherry

Post by X »

the civic coliseum is like the easiest place to sell out ever-
allthough, anyone retarded enough to spend more than 10 cents on this show, should all be hearded into the coliseum, and be gassed to death.
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Re: Hinder and Buckcherry

Post by Ichabod »

Wow, I was really hoping this thread would have started as a joke. I mean... Hinder? For fuck's sake.


- Ich
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