• Hard Knox
    Knoxville's Adult Online Resource
    Knoxville Area Speculative Fiction Association
  • KnoxShows.com
    Knoxville's Independent Music Scene
  • Knoxville Camarilla
    Knoxville's Vampire: the Masquerade Gaming Group
  • SplendidEvil
    The offical home page of the band Patchwork, a local band from the Knoxville
  • Saint Tattoo
  • SplendidEvil
    This is a Vampire site and support page for feeding safely
    A serious feed with a wicked twist of bizarre humor,
    and a source for custom-made fangs
  • The Swankpad
  • Temple
    Info site for weekly event with a rotating host of DJs
  • Albany Goths - Albany, NY Goth Scene information
  • AlwaysOut Bars, Clubs and Nightlife - Ultimate guide for Restaurants and Nightlife
  • AZGoth.com
    Arizona Goth Scene - The Requiem
  • Cursed Destiny
    Obsessiveness. Compulsivity. Rash insecurities.
    Neuroticism. Strange humor. Strange news.
    1337 techieness.
    Occasional ThoughtCrime. Thinking out of the box.
  • The Dark Network
    Goth & Dark Link Site
  • Goth.net
    GOTH.NET is a net resource set up for the benefit of the gothic
    community as a whole.

    We provide webspace and email to gothic users worldwide,
    and we try to be a common resource point that people may turn
    to for any gothic needs they may have.
  • Gothling.com
    The Twin Cities' Premier Gothic Source
  • HorrorFind.com
    The Horror Search Engine
  • Second Shifters
    Radio that bites... Hard.
    Second Shifters is a station that is not quite like most
    of the other stations out there. We aren't the type of
    radio station that only plays the artists big enough to
    promote their music everywhere in the world. We
    aren't purely underground and we're not purely
    mainstream. Whether it be gothic, electronic, ebm,
    industrial, metal, or anywhere in between, you'll find
    it has a home here on Second Shifters.
  • The synthetic dream foundation
    Dark experimental art and music
  • Aborted Life Webzine
    Gothic-Industrial-EBM-Futurepop-Synthpop Playlist,
  • Interviews, Reviews, Free Email, Downloads, Links, Etc.!
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
    EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers,
    volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your
    digital rights.
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